Oriental Beauty Tea

Taiwan Organic Oriental Beauty tea cultivates in Hsinchu, Miaoli and Longton of Taoyuan.  Its leaves have been bitten by small green leaf hopper, so it tastes sweet with honey flavor. 

The oriental beauty is named by Queen Elizabeth II, when she brewed the tea and found the tea looked like dancing in the water.  The oriental beauty tea is also named Pong Fong tea, white tips tea, champagne tea and so on.  The oriental beauty used to export to UK and Europe.

The oriental beauty is 70% fermented, and hand picked 1 bud with 2 leaves of Chin Shin Da Pan to produce the high Class tea of oriental beauty.  The tea leaves with white tip, so it is also called white tips tea.  The more white tips with tea leaves, the higher the price of teas is.  The tea farmers won’t use pesticide to the tea garden, since they want the small green leaf hoppers come to bit the tea leaves, and cause the smell of honey and the taste of sweet.  So the tea is organic.
The tea gardens of oriental beauty teas are located in the elevation of about 300~800 meters, and have enough humidity and sufficient sunshine, so there’s no pollution for the growth of the tea.  

The tea is unique in the world, so its price is higher.  And the tea only has summer tea, so it is rare in production.