Alishan Oolong Tea

Alishan Oolong tea is Alishan high mountain tea, produced from tea plantations in Alishan Mountain.  The best locations of tea gardens in the world are located within the high altitude of 50km in the “Tropic of Cancer”, and Alishan tea gardens are just in the area.  The tea plantations in Alishan are located at altitudes of 700 ~ 1,300m , the most ideal region and climate to grow teas.   So Alishan teas are quite good.
Alishan mountain is quite famous in Taiwan, especially for tea lovers.  Alishan teas are also very famous in the world, and almost each tea lover knows it.

Due to the high quality of Alishan tea, its taste is sweet, smooth and fruity with fragrance.  The great taste earns good reputation for Alishan teas.